Black, Jewish and Poor


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Pizzawhale has had too much work these past two weeks and not enough impetus from the season. However, I am roused by deep sadness to hear that Sean Finnegan, Wire crewmember and former drummer for suburban Maryland’s finest teen HC band died earlier this month at 43. RIP, buddy!

Now I want there to be a scene in Cutty’s gym with “Organized Sports” playing loud in the background. (I know it’s implausible, but maybe Henry Rollins can become a longterm sponsor?) The rest of the season can be consumed with this stupid Templeton/McNulty plot and way too many other white actors, while they attempt to fully humanize Kima and Daniels, but just give me that former thing.

Oh, and I finally watched Dexter, which by virtue of being set in Miami and is thus full of insane Cubano characters lets me give up on the Wire’s sole latina character, Alma Gutierrez, to be meaningful at all in portrayal. I guess I can’t put all my hopes for thoughtful television eggs in one basket.

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40 Comments on “Black, Jewish and Poor”

  1. That Honey Nut Says:

    I’m with you on the Latino dearth there, Pizzawhale. I really wish they had run with that Season 6 idea of examining Latino migration to Baltimore. I was in the city last year and I saw tons of Central American storefronts–bakeries, record shops, you name it. Not only that, apparently the B’more PD is poaching cops from my very own Puerto Rico (and who could blame them for going? It’s a dangerous as hell job to be a cop here, and they make like $25K a year–it’s like we’re begging them to be corrupt.).

    Even Omar’s Boricua boyfriend is MIA. Sad state of affairs. Muy triste. I will be very happy if Omar survives the season and the gets a little epilogue where he’s chilling in La Perla again.

    Why isn’t ep 8 on On Demand yet? Why must they toy with me so?

  2. Boston Matt Says:

    Simon has mentioned that if there was going to be a 6th season (won’t be of course) it would have added the layer of the growing latino community in B-more, but no one on the show knows anythign about the community so they aren’t going to explore it.

    The show talks about what it knows… drug trade, police, docks, politics, media. They arne’t going to delve into issues that they don’t know closley.

    As far as characters go… Omar’s boyfriend would have stayed in La Perla most likely, why on Earth would he go back with Omar? And the show has never rubbed someon’s background in your face as a means of characterization, the way the show looks at it, Alma is a young reporter, not a latina reporter.

  3. john Says:

    between omar killing savino last week and what happened this week in 58… just.. fuck. simon is making it clear: the machine always wins. evil. always. wins.

  4. Andrew Says:

    Oddly enough, the supporting characters on Dexter have about as much depth as Alma despite being afforded about ten times the screentime.

  5. Don’t even allude to 58 until the 58 post. my heart just leapt out of my chest, and “what happened this week.” I can avoid the ep58 threads, but there’s no warning of comment spoilers. Don’t.

  6. Boston Matt Says:

    Pizzawhale seems to jsut wants to see them, who care’s about character development or any of that. I think the Alma character is good, she’s positioned as the good version of Scott, where she writes and does things the right way.

    Scott gets ahead by being a liar, Alma can’t get a front page story with the truth, there’s your message.

    I admit I haven’t seen Dexter, but the very description of the charaters above “insane cubano.” I don’t know, showing a latino in a newsroom and treating her like all the other reporters seems meaningful.

  7. john Says:

    i apologize.. i thought we were at 58 already. i didn’t want to give anything away so i hope i didn’t give any spoilers.. it’s just so close to the end.. and you never want it to

  8. thope Says:

    y’all better get up on 58 before I kill myself.

  9. Joe-El Says:

    MoHr Blk. GanGsTerZ pleeze!!!11

    2 episodes left. Not much sense in continuing on the “ugh…too many WHITE guys” topic. Just because a couple of you guys seem to have a fetish for storylines highlighting minority characters does not mean that these white characters have any less captivating roles that shouldn’t be played out toward the end of this saga. Episode 57 and 58 show that.

  10. That Honey Nut Says:

    nobody’s saying there’s too many white people on the show. (that would be an odd criticism to make about this show, which my stepfather has always referred to as “that show where the black people sit around on the street corners and talk”)

    it’s just a shame the show didn’t have a chance to get to some Latino stuff. it’s no big deal. i know that St. Simon has his limits. i think it’s pretty badass that PR got into the show at all. think about it, it’s not like they’ve ever done much on-location stuff anywhere other Baltimore.

    still, would’ve been cool if they’d been able to get together a few people with knowledge Latino stuff and gotten season 6 off the ground. as it is, season 6 will probably now go down as one of those masterpieces that never materialized, like Chinese Democracy.

    go Alma! (that’s my grandmother’s name, shit yeah!)

  11. kidjock Says:

    I think the plight of Alma is a great starter role, one that would have grown with in season 6. Just like the short police commander who was Prezbo’s father in law grew in season 2 which was his “element”. And Alma should have been the headliner on this season because she had the serial killer story FIRST! But just like Carcetti jumped my girl Nerese (love miss president), Scotty stole the story from Alma by fabricating a story.

  12. ao Says:


    oh, and i totally agree about the outreach needed for a season six. it’s been apparent for a minute that simon & ed burns were ready to wrap it up with this season. but i remember when i watched the first episode of this season, it seemed so promising and so epic, i got the idea of an “open source” season six: whoever from the crew & cast’d wanna keep working, on basically a pro bono basis, could link up with people from the community – be it in baltimore, or wired fools like us – and create the narrative infrastructure for a latino(or whatever)-centric season that’d tie up some of the ends that they will invariably never get to in two more episodes. give some lesser known characters some shine an’ shit. i know it’d never work – especially ’cause these folk getting paid by viacom are used to their paychecks, and who’d shoot it and edit it at a high enough quality, blah blah woof woof.. i even thought people could make their own little offshoots, viral extensions of storylines, and just throw ’em up on youtube or something. it was just an inspired moment stemming from this wide-reaching world, realizing at the outset of a 10-episode season for the final run was just not enough. ah, well.

  13. Mal Says:

    Gatrios – well done, two of the most retarded posts i’ve seen, back to back.

    Some people have no patience.

  14. Shoals Says:

    This is bullshit. I’m done here.

  15. Shoals Says:

    When we don’t talk about #58, it’s because we haven’t watched it yet. The least I’d expect for running this site is for people to respect that.

  16. Stumbleweed Says:

    Wow, that sucks. Glad I didn’t comment. Sorry for these assholes ruined everything… hope it doesn’t affect this site negatively. Jeez…

  17. Way to go, Internet, you fucked it up again.

  18. Skate Nazi Says:

    What the deal? Did my post get deleted because of my name or something? It’s a play on words from the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld by the way, it’s not like I’m the white power skate dude, jeez! Anyway, I had stated that people should be patient and not discuss 58 until it has been posted up here, but some peeps couldn’t hang I guess. There will be plenty of time to discuss this latest episode so chill.

  19. Shoals Says:

    SN, sorry, I deleted yours by accident in a blind rage. Basically everything that had the number “58” in it got disappeared.

  20. That Honey Nut Says:

    that spoiler was pretty fucked up, i saw it before i was able to see 58, which didn’t become available on my On Demand until today.

    to start a new line of argument to tide everyone over until 58 is opened up for discussion, does anyone here see a parallel between the Carcetti character and the narrative that Obama’s opponents are trying to use against him? think about Carcetti as he exists on the show, as he would appear to the public at large: he’s a good, gripping speaker. but we can see that behind the scenes he’s cutting deals left and right that make you question what he’s about. this is not the same as the anti-obama argument, which is that he’s a good speaker but that behind that he’s an inexperienced empty suit, but the parallels between the two are intriguing, in my opinion. i wonder how much the writers thought about doing stuff this year that ties into the presidential elections. there have certainly been way more potshots specifically aimed at the republicans this season than there have been in the past, that much seems clear to me.

  21. Brad Says:

    Honey Nut,

    I don’t know about the Carcetti/Obama parallel but I wanted to address the shots at Republicans. I think the show is against government in general as it stands right now. It hates No Child Left Behind, it hates government agencies, it hates how we got into a war that seems impossible to get out of (Slim Charles in the finale of Season 3 sums up the Iraq war in his little speech to Avon) etc.

    Do you think that the show has increased its attacks on Republicans, or is it just because Carcetti yells about how bad they are since he is a Democrat? While the show has called out Republicans by name, I think its criticism of Democrats is deeper. Clay Davis is obviously a joke of a public servant. Bond has let his ego get in the way. Campbell looks like she may blackmail Daniels since she got that file. Carcetti does not care about anything other than being Governor.

  22. lukeoneil47 Says:

    Simon may be a Democrat, or something like it, but he certainly does not construct his criticism along party lines. Brad is correct in pointing out Clay Davis and Bonds two good examples. Carcetti, I would say, is the perfect cynical depiction of a liberal who starts out idealistic and becomes easily corrupted.

  23. Gukbe Says:

    Yeah, I think Brad and luke are pretty on the mark. Carcetti is a different kind of corruption than, say, Davis or Campbell. I still think Carcetti genuinely believes he’s doing the right thing (things look bad now, but I’ll be able to do a lot more when I’m governor), but getting there is meaning he has to compromise all over the place. What Carcetti might not (want to) realize about himself is that he a total egomaniac. Even if he stopped sleeping around on his wife and whatnot, he’s still just as obsessed with his performance and how he looks on TV. I don’t think there was any specific Obama correlation when writing, though a cynic (realist?) might see what happens to Carcetti as a portent of things to come if Obama gets elected. All that said, I’m still all for Obama, so I’m not attacking him or anything.

    Also, Iraq War parables? The reading might be problematic if one gets into it to much, but McNulty fabricating evidence to convince the government (and, in the process, the people) to give him the resources to take out who he deems the real threat (Marlo). Grasping at straws?

  24. G Says:

    Not sure if anyone is reading the Slate discussions (which i’m beginning to find really annoying), but they mentioned Clay Davis calling Bond Obonda which is supposedly a reference to Obama

  25. thomvecchio Says:

    I don’t usually comment here but I have read these posts with great interest. Gatrios’ anti-semitic and hateful comment to Shoals makes me want to leave and never come back. Just wanted to register my protest: hate speech and free speech are not the same thing.
    If other commenters care to advise on how to save this blog from trolling, I would appreciate hearing from you.

  26. Simon's bitch Says:

    I didn’t tell anyone about this site because I was hoping it would stay pure. Unfortunately, it was recently linked on at least one HBO board and I’m afraid that Gatrios may have found it that way. The HBO boards have all kinds of assholes similar to this guy.

    To Shoals, Pizzawhate, Jetsetjunta, Christycash and whomever else I may be omitting, I’m really sorry your site has been crashed like this. I loved coming here and reading.

  27. jr Says:

    Oh, shit, Gatrios, those are totally original, piercing criticisms – you sir, are a fucking genius, because it’s not like anyone has ever levelled those EXACT SAME tired criticisms at Freedarko 1,000 times. Thank you for raising the the discourse to such a high level.

  28. quesera Says:

    The Slate board is pure garbage. Their reviews are unreadable. The two critics assigned to the show are banal incompetent. I finally stopped reading their site after they linked to that egregious youtube spoiler. Some real-life Templetons over there.

    I recommend this blog for intelligent commentary:

    Also, Televisionwithoutpity has some excellent reviews:

  29. Gukbe Says:

    To pick up from a different post, I think this illustrates very well the need for print media. The media class is necessary because there really is a need for filters. I think we all remember those exciting days when the internet was going to open up discourse to a grander, more intellectually gratifying place. The easier the information could spread, the more people would be informed, and for the naive idealists among us, the hope that the better informed masses would make an effort to change this country for the better. Of course, this didn’t happen. Instead, the credibility of such notions were tossed aside when it became apparent that the sheer openness of the forums led to, to crib from Adam Curtis*, a bunch of bullies.

    Anyway, have any of the media types read Flat Earth News by Nick Davies? Meant to be a pretty damning exposé of the Murdoch/conglomerate world of journalism and the loss of integrity. Not read it myself, and I think it has more of a British slant, but seems interesting.

    *To end on a note that doesn’t make this seem like a media studies course, I highly recommend Adam Curtis’ 2007 documentary series The Trap, one part of which traces the current target-oriented governmental system (which has led to the juking of the stats, etc…) back to Market Democracy and further back to the rise of John Nash’s Game Theory.

  30. Brad Says:

    The easiest way would be to ignore Gatrios and whenever an admin cruises through just delete his post. He wants you to respond and call him dumb.

  31. Curtis Says:

    Ignore troll cause troll shrivel. Allow to post as much as troll want. Never read. Never delete. Never comment. Like bucket water on witch lady.

  32. mikebeggs Says:

    I think Carcetti is a spot-on Obama. Even though it’s unlikely to have been written with Obama in mind – it’s a real American character type generated by the real political system. The idealist (or at least one who portrays himself as an idealist and at least sometimes believes his own hype) driven by ambition (and who can fool themselves that if they weren’t so ambitious someone less idealistic would get to the governor’s mansion), who once in power finds themselves filling a role and pulled this way and that by politico-economic forces they cannot control.

  33. future man Says:

    I think the best way to avoid spoilers would be to put up an open thread Monday morning. Gives people who’ve seen the new ep an outlet to talk about it before a proper post goes up and makes avoiding it easy for those who want to.

  34. James Says:

    Great idea.

  35. James Says:

    Apologies for the double post.

    But, additionally, any post AFTER the open thread that is still focused on the previous episode (i.e. this one) should clearly state (in bold, CAPS, whatever) that this is not for the newest episode discussion.

  36. larchlion Says:

    mikebeggs is right. put up an OnDemand thread the day of, which allows though who want to talk about it an outlet, then anybody that opens it knows exactly what they’re getting into.

  37. PG Boy you MoCo bitches Says:

    You all seriously gonna call it quits because some jackass posts a spoiler in your comments section? Jesus christ, what a whiny bag of bitches.

    Same shit happened to me in season 4 with Bodie. It sucks, I agree…but you’re gonna wrap it all up with 2 (technically 3 since you haven’t had a ep8 recap) episodes left in the season? Shame…this was the best blog I’d found for discussion.

    Welp – I’m out, have fun moping around and letting the spoiler win you fuckin pussies.

    You ain’t real police.

  38. That Honey Nut Says:

    gotta side with PG Boy on this one. this is some weak sauce, Jackson.

  39. pizzawhale Says:

    ugh, I hadn’t checked this comment thread until Shoals told me about this wacky shit, but HONESTLY, could y’all be more small and vile?

    I would go into how no post with mentions of a HENRY ROLLINS CAMEO should be taken so seriously, but whatever. I have no attachments to linear narrative structures and therefore don’t find spoilers upsetting, but the baseness of this comment thread turns me the fuck off.

    If I write anything else for this BLOG ABOUT TELEVISION it will be closed to all comments except for this “anonymous” civic-minded commenter filling other threads with analysis of the western cannon and city procedure. I’m starting a new blog about A&E’s Philadelphia parking cops reality show.

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