Art Still Imitates Art

I protect the flame. Turns out the “spoiler” in here is that Namond returns at some point. False alarm, I was a victim of someone else’s in-joke. Good thing he’s a friend of mine. Anyway, enjoy and stay paunchy.

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2 Comments on “Art Still Imitates Art”

  1. Jay Smooth Says:

    Speaking of art coinciding with art, want to share a story with y’all: Yesterday I went to see the Kara Walker exhibit at the Whitney Museum here in NY, and just when I was hitting sensory overload from all the craftsmanship and provocation, I found Gbenga Akinnagbe aka Chris Partlow browsing alongside me. Having those two conceptual worlds suddenly intersect was sooo bizarre and somehow so apropos. (I paid a feeble homage to the moment with this video: )

    Love the blog, looking forward to the next batch of gems

  2. TheHype Says:

    “…someone else’s (misfired) in-joke..” Ahh, much better, sorry about that 😀 !

    Hey wow JSmoove, funny I just went to your site/video before I came back here — though feel like I should comment back at your spot (love your vlog btw!)– That homage with the art and Wire was nice… I’d totally watch “Dissecting Art with your host, Chris Partlow” on PBS

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