keep those uppity characters alive!


There is much back-scratchin’ going on with sub-media (such as this joint) and mainstream media coverage of this show. We appreciate it, but we haven’t done up to the minute updates thus far. (I did enjoy, last week, Julianne Shepherd/ Cowboyz’n’Poodles’ coverage of the premiere and link to MKW’s appearance in a George Michael video)

However, this is not a link, this is a want ad. Today’s Freakonomics blog post “What Do Real Thugs Think of the Wire?” yielded some awesome comments. My favorites:

I was a thug released from Jail. and there are two options in Baltimore

1. Get out the game count your losses and start a new.

2. Get whatever gig you can and work it to the wheels fall off. and constantly convince yourself that slow money is better than no money .. ya digg
as u see I chose the latter.
Jay- Hustler in east bmore from 93-01
Network security for local co. in bmore.

Being an ex-gang member and ex-cop in a major city and a lover of “The Wire” from season one, I think I got some cred. First, I didn’t like the infusion (I didn’t say I was a stupid gang member)of the Baltimore Sun into the storyline. Second, season five’s premire was lacking the hardcore street element that was present during previous seasons. And finally, Marlo is without a doubt going to get smoked, simply because HBO is NOT going to send the message that the most ruthless banger is going to is going to come out on top. Just ask Stringer Bell! Oh yeah, he’s dead…my bad!

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9 Comments on “keep those uppity characters alive!”

  1. pizzawhale Says:

    Oh, p.s.: Does anyone know the slated air date for the last episode?

  2. Gary Says:

    Also, is the last episode 2 hours long? I’ve heard that, but I’m not sure if it’s true.

  3. Crabbie Says:

    Having had (and continuing to have, I guess) various roles in street/drug/inner-city culture, I thought Venkatesh’s article (like just about all his other work) was pretty worthless, and I truly don’t understand what was so “awesome” about the comments to it.

    I do understand that one of said comments ruined a pretty big part of the season for me, so I’d suggest others don’t read them.

    I was also going to say some things about Julianne Shepherd, but realized I don’t have anything to offer outside of the good ol’ ad hominem, and am not going to read through her oeuvre in order to offer something substantive. So I’ll just ask, is this site written by associates of hers? That would explain a lot about its content and pretensions.

    (Which shouldn’t be taken as a qualitative statement on said content and pretensions)

  4. Joe-El Says:

    Have those folks he watched the episdoe with seen any Wire before? I mean that was some terrible prognosticating.

    Enter standard caveat about not knowing anything first-hand about gang/street life (unlike, apparantly, most of the commentators on the NYT’s Freakonomics blog), but that post proved ultimately worthless to me.

  5. Sully Says:

    “Oh, p.s.: Does anyone know the slated air date for the last episode?”

    According to, the last episode of The Wire will be on March 9th.

  6. ryan Says:

    Gary, in regards to the final ep, here’s what I found from a WaPo article…

    “After lunch, it was back to work, and as the clock edged past midnight, folks started getting giddy. The final episode was an hour and a half, as opposed to the normal hour-long length, but the production schedule dictated that shooting be confined to 11 days.”

  7. lake trout Says:

    that comments thread has some mean spoilers

    don’t click it if you don’t want to know…

  8. Simon in Esquire Mag Says:

    Simon’s own take on the Baltimore Sun years:

  9. Denise theatre Says:

    Hey there,

    This is waaaay off topic, but I just stumbled across this site. I wanted to say thank you. I played Miss Anna in season 4. I read the conversations about the character I played and it touched me to read how deeply involved you all got with the character in terms of how she represented women and wether or not she was attempting to me a good mother to Randy. Reading your commentaries showed me that I nailed the part in terms of what I was trying to acheive with that character. Thanks everyone and keep chattin’!

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