Getting Back to the Old Grind

Not sure if anyone will read this before we truly get underway in a little while, but I wanted to post a few words to let the world know that we are still here and still reppin’ for our beloved television program, as we will continue to do through the fifth and final season which is getting underway, oh, in just about two months or so (January, according to the witty yet frustratingly imageless teaser HBO has aired). A few undeniably noteworthy and Wire-related items have cropped up that demand a reaction, or at least a response, or at the very least (which is all we’re willing to muster just now) some links for you.


One of the more thrilling things I watched recently was BET’s Melvin “Little Melvin” Williams documentary on their American Gangster series. Williams of course plays the Deacon on the show and whose past as a smart and ruthless Baltimore kingpin turned convict turned kingpin turned convict turned, well, actor (though David Simon’s testimony in the program concerning Melvin’s ability to remain out of the game even in his golden years seemed somewhat pessimistic or, at the very least, noncommital). Anyway, it’s a great show in a pretty great series (though I’m not sure how John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo are classed alongside organized criminals like Williams, but I didn’t watch that episode) so watch it whenever it’s on next.

Second, but probably more fascinating to the show’s fans, is the big feature about David Simon in a recent issue of The New Yorker. It’s a great feature with plenty of information even if you, like us, already know pretty much everything in the article and have heard or read Simon’s talking points many times over at this point. Still, it’s not like what he’s saying is any less true as time marches on, and it’s a very good thing that more people are hearing him say those things, because so few people do say those things these days. The writer hits on some of the utter hopelessness at the heart of a lot of Simon’s rhetoric, something I think is really key to understanding the show and how it stands not only as a great narrative triumph but also as a challenge where the viewer must decide whether Simon’s at times nihilistic view of American society today is the hard truth or something we can still fight against, and fight for the purposes of saving (rather than because without a fight, even a meaningless one, there is no point in going on at all).


But I’m rambling. Check out the links, chatter back if you’ve got any chatter worth sharing, and hold tight for the rest of my comrades to come roaring back in the months to come.

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18 Comments on “Getting Back to the Old Grind”

  1. Sahu Says:

    David Simon and Jenji Kohan (creator of weeds) were on the Leonard Lopate show on WNYC…this was early october right before their pannel during the New Yorker Festival
    (not fully about the wire but still good)

  2. G Says:

    We’re still here. It was nice to see something pop up on H&H via RSS feeds, because it’s been a little while.

    Two good Wire articles with one minor S5 spoiler. Click with caution.,,2194110,00.html#TheWireHBO

    Brand new S5 promo spot:

    Finally, reliable sources at HBO say S5 is phenomenal:

  3. […] and Here is still around. And they are blogging about the best television show ever, The Wire. It’s coming again in […]

  4. pyrex chapman Says:

    here’s a short “behind the scenes” jammy about season 5:

  5. Stumbleweed Says:

    And in the spirit of giving, here’s Stelios Kazantzidis’ “Efige Efige”:

    Love this fucking song — took lots of searching but I finally found it in some huge Greek mp3 compilation.

  6. Sahu Says:


    that is fucking fantastic…now can anyone find the song on the season 5 promo?

  7. Pooh Says:

    So is S5 in the can in its entirety? I ask because I was thinking about the writer’s strike this morning on the way into work and was like “FUCK – The Wire?”

  8. shaq Says:

    Hey stubleweed, I love that song Efige Efige but for some reason i cant download it from the link u posted. Is it possible for you to email me the song? it will be greatly appreciated if you can.. i cant find that song anywhere .. thanks

  9. ryan Says:

    the S5 version of ‘way down in the hole’ is gonna be the steve earle cover.—way-down-in-the-hole.html – 68k –

  10. jdg Says:

    is it january 6 yet?

  11. Stumbleweed Says:

    Season 5 should be unaffected by the strike since it’s already wrapped filming (since September). Much like The Office, etc. were able to show a few remaining new episodes that were already produced pre-strike, we should be fine on The Wire since it’s all done.

    I’ll figure out a way to keep “Efige Efige” up on a permanent link… Yousendits always expire after a week or a certain # of downloads. I’ll make another comment with a link soon (I don’t have the song on my work computer).

  12. Stumbleweed Says:

    Okay, as promised, here is a live link for “Efige, Efige”. I think MegaUpload gives you unlimited downloads, so it should be up for the forseeable future. Enjoy!

  13. dukie Says:

    It’s “TRAISER.” I just had a heck of a time googling that salon article.

  14. Matty Says:

    I second Sahu’s question:

    What is the song at the end of the S5 teaser. Is is Rakim? What? I really want to know.

  15. kevin Says:

    anyone know the name of the song that plays at the end of season 5 promo….where ya at or something

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