This week has been exceptional one for HH, with a lot of great conversation about the season, what it means, and how it played out. And I’d like to post here about Bubbles, and the game, and policing, and what people who are aware of injustice are supposed to do about it — this is art, not reality, but I do think that there is an urgency to The Wire that might make some of us wonder how much we are part of the problem, and in what way, with the political situation so totally screwed up, we might possibly begin to contribute to the solution — but I can’t talk anymore. I am blogged out. No question that 50 was thrilling, and that it, as the final Wire episodes are wont to do, cast the whole season in a new light. I would have liked to have seen some of that action spread out over the course of the season, but like I said last week, and like Simon himself says in interviews, The Wire is a movie. In my experience it’s much, much better to take in all at once. So if any HBO execs are reading this, how about releasing Season 5 on TV and DVD simultaneously, Soderbergh-style?

good times

Barring that, we HH’ers were brainstorming some great sitcom spin-offs that we can see coming out of Season 4. So listen up, HBO! Sure, next season’s murder investigation and focus on the media will be brilliant and enlightening and captivating and all that, but hands up anyone who wants to see Carver adopt Randy and the two of them set up shop, Odd Couple style? Or maybe Omar and Renaldo could run away together and start a hotel in Miami? The pilot for that show could begin with a chase down Route 1 from Baltimore to Florida. With appropriate music. If only Bodie hadn’t gone down, he and McNulty could have had their own show, where they became a super, secret, crime-solving team. And if Dukie, Marlo and Bug living together weren’t so damn sinister, what with Marlo pulling the strings from above, and Dukie selling, trapped in a small and terrible cycle, that could be a sweet tale of two young men just trying to bring up a little man. And Fat Man, oh, forget it. Fat Man could have his own comedy hour.

Til next time…

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9 Comments on “withdrawal”

  1. Andrew Says:

    How do you propose sitcom spinoffs and not come up with a single Herc show. Say what you want about how he’s and idiot and all, but he is definitely the best equipped to carry a sitcom.

  2. Shoals Says:

    to me, that comment translates into “herc is the most like a sitcom character.”

    this is probably when i should link to this.

  3. Tom Hilton Says:

    I think “Prop Joe and Cheese” could be the 21st century “Sanford and Son”. I’d also like to see McNulty quit the force so he and Beatie could be a zany crime-solving PI team…with kids!

    Also, I don’t think a Wire season is really a movie; it’s more like a novel.

  4. jbou Says:

    Bunk and McNulty , Herc and Carver, Kima and McNulty, the tandem cop comedy would be reborn. We could team Smooth Lester Cool with Prezbo, it’d be a gold mine of comedy.

  5. Vikas Says:

    hey sorry to go off topic, but i have a random question. Does anyone know the exact order of rank they use with the police on the show. I think i know it mostly but, I probably couldn’t write it out correctly in a list

  6. jetsetjunta Says:

    this is how it works most places

    – officer / patrolman (multiple internal types)
    – detective (though this is often not a promotion from officer, but just a designation)
    – sargeant (multiple internal types)
    – lieutenant
    – captain
    – major
    – chief
    – deputy commisioner
    – commisioner

    i downloaded the BPD chart. you can see it here

  7. Duhhh Says:

    If they released it on TV and DVD simultaneously, there would be no incentive for Wire fans to subscribe to HBO.

  8. Gavrilo Says:

    Duhhh–HBO is trying to turn nickels into dimes like everybody else. They could price the DVDs so that they make more from sales then they would lose from cancelled subscriptions. Plus, I for one would not cancel HBO anyway because: Rome, Sopranos, Entourage, etc.

  9. matt bird Says:

    How about a sitcom featuring Bubbles and a revolving-door of tragic protoges who die at the end of each episode?

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