mile high recap

Photos of the cast’s big night in Denver/Carmelo Anthony’s shoe launch are up on YBF, among other places, and you can see the whole set here. Check out the cast with Carmelo’s mom, LaLa’s Missoni maternity wear, the bashful J.R. Smith, etc.

Real, thoughtful posts from shoals and myself forthcoming.

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17 Comments on “mile high recap”

  1. B&B Enterprises Says:

    I guess this makes The Nuggets the official unofficial team of The Wire?

    Oh hell yes!

  2. Shoals Says:

    the one of felicia pearson and jamie hector looking very humble and down-to-earth is a little spooky.

    since melo is the nuggets and melo is the unofficial sports mascot of the wire, i’d say that’s a safe conclusion to come to. george karl is way more street than brian billick.

  3. pizzawhale Says:

    I also like how the shoes to be launched are displayed tastefully atop a bongo drum. A nod to the unspoken presence of Santeria on the show?!

  4. B&B Enterprises Says:

    I’m sure Coach Karl appreciates the props.

  5. hoopinion Says:

    If only the Cavs had been in town we could have gotten to see the long-overdue Andre Royo/Donyell Marshall pic.

  6. Migoudah Says:

    Me, I’m holding out for the Simpsons episode with Royo as Sideshow Bubs.

  7. chris Says:

    Too bad the Clippers weren’t in town. I think Wallace changed his name to Shaun and is playing point guard for them.


    grizzlies: always thought warrick kind of looked like marlo, and sometimes rudy gay reminds me of michael.

  9. dutchtwista Says:

    “unspoken presence of Santeria”??

    where do you guys see that? is that like an allegorical reading of the characters and their relationship to the orishas? I’d be very curious to hear an explanation of that theory….

  10. Pooh Says:

    Jamie Hector is a scary looking man.

  11. Kara Says:

    Interesting what you said about the cast members who were in attendence.

  12. LL Says:

    Ben Gordon is Weebay

  13. Toy Says:


  14. bug Says:

    toy u just just nasty….. nevamind i could suck melo all night………..yall with me………….lol

  15. bug Says:

    i could suck melo all night me and lala we could work 2gata

  16. bug Says:

    is there any KRUNK black folk here?????????????????

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