Hello all and welcome back after HH’s loooong Thanksgiving holiday. Although jetset, shoals, pizzawhale and myself are scattered about, we were all together this weekend and blew our Wire load on watching #49 and, because it was too hard to resist, 50. (Thanks, HBO, for sending me those DVDs — I never wrote the review but hey, this blog’s not so bad.) We’ll be putting up some thoughts on 49 this week and dealing with 50 next week, and no, we will not be spoiling anything for anyone. We don’t play like that.

I’ll be leading the 49 charge this afternoon, but for now, content yourself with some recommended reading. If anyone has thoughts on this article or knows more about the KIPP schools, I’d love to hear it.

goth gun

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  1. Tom Says:

    Fuck Herc

  2. TheBestQtrPounder Says:

    Man, you guys got this far then caved and watched 50? Lester would have waited, you totally Herced it.

  3. christycash Says:

    I would have seen this more as a Sydnor move, myself. You know, one that may not be really minding all p’s and q’s but certainly causes no one to get beat on.

  4. Kevin Says:

    Don’t mind them. I caved in weeks ago.

  5. Pooh Says:

    I’ve waited this long, I’m not breaking now…

  6. Tom Says:

    I caved after #47, I’m not ashamed

  7. Simonsbitch Says:

    I wish I could cave but on-demand isn’t offered here.

    BTW, thanks for the article. Very interesting reading and helps me to understand the background for Tilghman Middle School.

    This is a great site. Who ARE you guys, anyway?

  8. Pooh Says:

    Who ARE you guys, anyway?

    Fans of Shoals have been have been asking that for some time…

  9. Slick Says:

    fantastic site, im a wire junkie!

  10. cov mans Says:

    i think that guns fake

  11. Alex Says:

    what is wrong with yo people

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