Back to where I came from


As some of you may know, I don’t belong here. The only thing I can actually write about with any authority is the National Basketball Association, which is why a little entity called FreeDarko exists as it does.  Thus, I am both heartened by these two sports/Wire items and somewhat wistfully admitting that soon, very soon, I must return home permanently.

First off, the link to that perfunctory LZ Granderson piece on The Wire, athletes, and a gay amongst both. There’s also a few minutes of the Baltimore Ravens pow-wowing with cast members, though unfortunately not a Pacman Jones in sight. If anyone has access to the pre-edit footage from this, alert me accordingly.

More outstandingly, Sam over at the immortal publication SLAM has determined that it was indeed his fair magazine being browsed through by Michael and Bug in #47. I’m equally intrigued by his analysis of Marlo’s periodicial reading habits, but really, no mention of Mouzone?

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5 Comments on “Back to where I came from”

  1. Tom Says:

    I hope we see Mouzone in Season Five.

  2. Vinay Says:

    This probably would never happen, but since Omar has given his word not to produce anymore bodies, wouldn’t it be interesting to see him hire Mouzone? It’s definitely not his style, but tell me you wouldn’t love to see that odd couple again.

    My feeling though is that Mouzone’s character is done. He has exited the world of the wire, I’m not sure what the point of his re-entrance would be other than to bring back a compelling chracter. I don’t think the writers really need to play that hand anyway, they’ve clearly shown they’ve got the skills to pay the bills.

  3. jetsetjunta Says:

    i dunno. it looked a helluva lot like don diva to me…

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  5. Katie Says:

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