Copy with intent

DIB, our esteemed Nashville colleagues (they do have a song about Shoals’ ethnic ambiguity) were kind enough to report back while they were in Baltimore this week. What was most startling, they said, were the machinations of the Baltimore Believe campaign: giant podiums (and trashcans, apparently) emblazoned with “BELIEVE”, as well as constantly flashing “midnight sun” blue lights on corners, all with the overt implication of surveillance. While this season alludes to such, I’m sure none of this is new news to anyone actually in the city or familiar with it- this 2005 City Paper article is good catchup.

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9 Comments on “Copy with intent”

  1. The Believe campaign has been in effect for the last three or four years. It was one of (Governor-elect) Martin O’Malley’s grand schemes to raise the city’s spirits and convince taxpayers that a change was coming. Although the face of the Believe publicity racket is more pervasive, it pales in comparison to O’Malley’s first effort in improving Charm City’s self-esteem: marketing Baltimore as “The Greatest City in America.” (You can still find this slogan on benches around town, I think.) Now, Baltimore’s my hometown and I love it so, but even I can’t talk about the city in those hyperbolic terms and maintain a straight face.

  2. Shoals Says:

    if it’s been around so long, why isn’t it in the show? you’d think it would at least have some passing relevance to the camera fiascos. . . if nothing else, maybe a joke.

  3. pizzawhale Says:

    I also noticed that a local (for-profit) broadband company has taken on the name as well. Which is a little weird, considering that municipal wireless is totally under threat, if not completely dead.

  4. Ghlade Says:

    There was a shot of BELIEVE in S4’s “Ball of Confusion” promotional trailer, as I recall.

  5. Shoals Says:

    so i don’t look stupid: joke about the cameras would’ve been because actual camera surveillance is one part of the plan

  6. Simonsbitch Says:

    “Believe” has shown up in the show pretty consistently. Mrs. Carcetti uses it in Season 3…it was on a trashcan somewhere in S3 as well.

  7. Shoals Says:

    “shown up” is different from “addressed”

  8. pizzawhale Says:

    I might be completely out of my mind, but I seem to remember that there also a late 90s- early millenium Baltimore trashcan slogan: “Do the Dump!”

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