Big Tidings

Fresh off of watching #46, which might be the single best episode of The Wire EVER. More on that from JSJ later, but for now, anyone chained to broadcast can learn the might of our #45 musings:

Shoals gets ruined

CC doesn’t hate children

JSJ on music and others

Pizzawhale’s political spectacle

Several join hands around race

WARNING: Comments on this are hinting at #46 spoilers.

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5 Comments on “Big Tidings”

  1. Tom Says:

    Yeah. #46 was incredible. The finish to this season is going to be intense.

  2. jeremy Says:

    Don’t want to spoil anything for anybody who clicked through and hasn’t seen #46 yet – but who else got a little naseous when lil kevin flipped the script and asked Herc a question?

  3. PostmanE Says:

    Jeremy: Yeah. Stomach dropped. That sort of stuff – the stuff about The Wire that breaks your heart – is growing closer and closer, I think…

    I’m going to stop now.

  4. Herc may go down in the annals of history as the Worst Po-Lice EVER.

    I agree with our host’s assertion, though — it’s hard to think of an episode that’s left me holding my breath more than than this one.

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