Back on mines

Welcome back, those of you returning after the long Wire hiatus. You can click here, here, and here for our thoughts on #44. For anyone pleasuring themselves in the realm of OnDemand, I’ll have something new and sterling by late afternoon. And people spreading leaked copies around the webs. . . if this blog wanes, you’re the reason why.

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5 Comments on “Back on mines”

  1. jetsetjunta Says:

    i want some explanation of that amazing image.

  2. brooklyn Says:

    You can’t blame me for that. Blame HBO for distributing the entire season ahead of time. You knew it was gonna get leaked on the internet. As a fan of the show, how can you NOT download the entire season?

  3. I second jetset’s comment. Where did that photo come from, and can someone please elaborate?

  4. Shoals Says:

    the magic of google image search. one of those quests that i couldn’t replicate if i wanted to.

  5. Kevin Says:

    That off week made me mad, so I ended up downloading the rest of the season and watching it over 2 days. I’m still going to watch it on HBO because the picture quality is better on the television than the downloaded copies.

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