A mangled note of policy

It’s taken me a minute, but I’ve finally recognized that not everyone has OnDemand. Thusly, from here on out all H&H posts will specify early on how deep into the season the discussion will tread. For instance, when I throw up something late tomorrow afternoon, it will bear a warning to all those who are not yet up to #43.

That said, anyone who’s catching #42 for the first time tonight is cordially invited to check out our brave posts on the episode.

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8 Comments on “A mangled note of policy”

  1. christycash Says:

    I heart this picture. It looks like they’re in a laundromat, but really what’s getting cleaned is their minds!!

  2. jetsetjunta Says:

    It’s a tough position, as I pointed out in one of my first posts, and initially I think I was rather adamant about being current with the vanguard of broadcasts. I was concerned that, should we fail to provide updates as early as possible, we might fall behind others having similar discussions elsewhere on the web. The trouble with that, of course, is that people can’t pick what kind of cable system they’ve got, so they end up a week behind and the last thing they want to see is spoilers, and most other sites with Wire content or commentary are staying a week back from the On-Demand stuff. I think perhaps each week, as here, before we start posting about the newest on-demand episode, we’ll have a short post linking people back to last week’s discussions. Who knows. I’ve been thinking about the final few episodes. We all know this will build to some big events, and I think it is important to share them with other viewers, particularly when we’re playing host to the sorts of conversations that happen here. I don’t know really. I respect that HBO simply wants as many viewers as possible, but I think the current system disrupts the notion of collective viewing and the thrill of that collective experience.

  3. Shoals Says:

    from looking over some other forums, plenty of major markets are still having problems getting the episodes in a timely manner.

    you read my mind on the weekly recap post; it’s the right thing to do.

  4. Shoals Says:

    oh, and one more thing: each of the three words in “our brave posts” links to a separate one. the lack of underlines makes it hard to tell when it’s the one vs. the many.

  5. doug Says:

    I am glad to see you addressing this. I don’t have the On Demand and neither do most of my friends who watch the show. It’s been frustrating in the past because when I read a blog like this, I have to go back to the previous week. It’s often hard to find exactly what I’m looking for without inadvertently bumping into spoilers.

  6. Shoals Says:

    that sounds awful. one time i was looking at some message board, and there was a post that went like this “this is a huge spoiler that isn’t really relevant to what we’re talking about, but i can’t contain myself anymore and need to tell someone.” fuck that.

  7. Simonsbitch Says:

    First thing I do every day is check my Wire boards. I’m on one site on HBO, Jim King’s site, TWoP, and this one and I’ve gotta say…I hate the on demand thing. I don’t have it. And being able to discuss the show without being spoiled has been impossible so far. I’ve proceeded with caution on this site, and am glad you’re going to let us know when you’ve moved on to a new episode. Thank you.

  8. Brent Says:

    Hooray! Unseen episodes will remain unspoiled! Thanks!!!

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