Simon speaks

Even if you read my post on the dwindling addict presence when I first wrote it, I highly recommend taking a look at the more recent comments. Not because it makes me feel good about myself, but because it’s a positively invaluable contribution to the thread.

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9 Comments on “Simon speaks”

  1. jhoshea Says:

    dude you should feel good about yr self – yr doing good here. love simon’s willingness to connect here and on the season ending hbo chats. i know he’d rather observe, feeling that his presence is too authoritative or something – but i’d love to have him back, repeatedly.

    and mr simon, if you feel like wasting some more time, we’ve been sporadically discussing the wire @ ilx too:

  2. jhoshea Says:

    i meant, like, i like the blog – not yr performing a great service to humanity. if that was at all unclear.

  3. jhoshea Says:

    oh and the director of hoop dreams and a guy from frontline are up on the wire too

  4. jhoshea Says:

    i am the only poster in the thread

  5. Shoals Says:

    i’d definitely like to read that, provided someone can assure me that they’re no spoilers past #41.

    expect a new post within the hour.

  6. christycash Says:

    Wait, we’re not perfroming a great service to humanity? Wtf?

  7. jhoshea Says:

    yeah no spoilers – they seem to be going week to week (in a kinda half-ass manner, oh well).

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